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Infection Control

The first and the foremost requirement for any dental clinic is a strict sterilization protocol. At our clinic we follow a strict sterilization regimen so as to avoid cross infection from other patients and post operative infection. Deadly viruses like HIV & HEPATITIS-B are not a concern in our clinic.

After every use all the instruments are washed in running water to remove soft debris. Then they are cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner. After that packed in individual autoclavable pouches & are autoclaved at 15 lbs pressure 130 to 121 degree. Autoclaving is the best available method to sterilize reusable surgical instruments. Those instruments which cannot be autoclaved are kept in glutaraldehyde solution for cold sterilization. For quick sterilization of small instruments glass bead sterilizer is used.

We use sterile disposables in form of masks, gloves, suction tips, patients drape, surgical drape, surgeon’s apron, etc. The whole operatory including the floor, roof and dental chairs are regularly fumigated.